Frequent questions

1- How an order is made?

In the case of customized pictures you should select the size and make the payment. If you want a custom size, you must send an email to with the dimensions and we will send you the price of your request and then make the payment with the indicated amount. In any case, after the payment you must send an email with the image you want (important that the image has the maximum possible definition). When we made the prototype (very similar to the final result image) will send it for approval prior to manufacture.

In the predefined products you must select the size and make the payment or if you want a custom size you must first send us an email with the dimensions you want and we will send the budget. Then you must pay with the price indicated in the mail.

In any case the manufacturing process of the product not be initiated until payment is confirmed.

2- How products are placed?

On the wall decoration products a special sticker will be included. Previously we recommend cleaning with a dry cloth the surface where you are going to place it to ensure greater adherence.

In addition to the special sticker, we include screws for you decide if is necessary to reinforce the wall anchor according to the place where it will be placed.
In pictures two hooks are included.

The use of gloves is recommended for handling all products. Moreover, as a precaution and because of the weight of the picture is not recommended to place them in rest areas such as night headboard.